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Kalpit Weight Gainer Combo

  • ₹ 3300

  • Usage: Personal
  • Packaging: Box Packaging
  • Grade Standard: FDA Approved, ISO Certified, GMP Quality, FSSAI
  • Type: Ayurvedic
  • Packaging Size: 60 capsule + 200 GMS Powder
  • Product Type: capsule and powder
  • Disclaimer: The result of this product may vary from person to person.
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Kalpit Weight Gainer Capsules and Powder Combo

Some people do not gain weight even after taking the right diet. Whatever they eat, their weight remains less than normal, Kalpit Weight Gainer Capsules and Powder Combo can help such people in gaining weight.

How Weight Gainer Capsules and Powder Combo work

  • The weight gainer capsule and powder combo help in increasing the appetite of the person. When a person is more hungry, he eats more food, more calorie intake thus helps in gaining weight.
  • With this product, your body will be fit and well maintained. And the amount of hormones and calcium in your body will increase.

Ingredients :

  • Akarkara / Anacyclus Pyrethrum
  • Ashwagandha
  • Gokharu / Tribulus terrestris
  • Kaunch Beej / Cowhage
  • Safed Musli / Chlorophytum borivilianum
  • Salampanja / Dactylorhiza Hatagirea
  • Shatavari / Asparagus
  • Vidarikand / Pueraria tuberosa

How to Use :

Take 1 capsule with one spoon powder in the morning after breakfast with milk or warm water, 1 capsule with one spoon powder after dinner with milk or warm water.

Kalpit Weight Gainer Capsules and Powder Combo is a supplement that contains a lot of protein, carbohydrate as well as fat, which is very difficult to get from a normal diet.

This is the reason why many fitness experts want to use it nowadays.

  • Kalpit Weight Gainer capsules and powder combo is for both male and female.
  • It is a mixture of ayurvedic herbs which provides proper nutrition to the dhatus prepared in the body and makes the body healthy and fit.
  • Kalpit Weight Gainer Capsule and powder combo helps you to gain weight naturally without any side effects.
  • This powerful combo helps in making muscles and bones strong.
  • If you want to build a healthy body and want to gain weight, then this is the best weight gain product for you.

Properties of Ayurvedic ingredients used in this combo


Its first advantage is that most people know that it is a very helpful medicine in reducing stress. The oxidant present in Ashwagandha works to strengthen your immune system, which gives you the power to fight diseases like colds and colds. Ashwagandha works to increase both white blood cells and red blood cells, which is beneficial in many serious physical problems.

Kaunch :

It is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for muscle pain, it reduces your body pain and keeps you energetic and brings strength to your body. Kaunch seeds are beneficial for both men and women.

Vidari :

This herb revitalizes the whole body and increases muscles. It makes the body strong and increases the immunity of the body.

Gokshura :

Gokshura is a wonderful herb that does not let your age affect the appearance of your body which helps in the degradation of muscles, increases the amount of fat in the body and restores the energy lost in your body.

Safed Musli:

Its consumption increases your immunity and gets rid of many diseases. This will protect you from infection. It helps in reducing fatigue and provides strength to the body.


The number of properties of Giloy is quite large. In addition to reducing inflammation, controlling sugar, fighting arthritis, it also has the properties of purifying the body. The use of Giloy is beneficial in respiratory diseases like asthma and cough. Skin related diseases like eczema and psoriasis can be removed by using it in combination with neem and amla. It is also considered effective in the treatment of anemia, jaundice and leprosy.

Useful Ayurvedic ingredients like Shatavari, Cardamom, Sarkara and many other useful herbs are combined to make this wonderful product that fills your developing body with enthusiasm and energy.

Benefits :

  • Weight Gainer Capsule helps you to gain weight naturally.
  • This weight gainer capsule gives you the strength to perform well in your day to day life and keeps you energetic and energized throughout the day.
  • This is your life changing product, consuming this product will change the look of your body and you will look smarter, healthier and stronger than before.
  • This is the best ayurvedic powder for weight gain in India.